We Believe

We believe there is no other God than Jesus Christ; there is no other path to salvation than through faith in Him.


We believe that Jesus Christ of the Bible is the Son of God, that He is God, that He has always existed and that He has always been God.  We believe that Jesus was born as a human about 2,000 years ago, that He predicted His own suffering, death, and resurrection, and that He was killed on a cross.  We believe that on the third day after He died, He came to life again, appeared to many people and was taken up to Heaven; He is still living.  We believe Jesus will return at a time no one knows to wrap up history and judge the Earth.


We believe the Holy Spirit is also God, and that he lives inside the believer, alongside their own spirit.


We believe the Bible, as it was originally written by men under the influence of the Holy Spirit, is flawless, and that no one does wrong to believe and follow what it says.


We believe that all people sin.  We believe life is a great gift to us from God; since much is given to us, much is expected from us.  We believe that even the most valiant, heroic human beings fall short of God’s standard; they have not repaid His gifts to them and have broken His rules.  We believe that humans live only once, and then stand before God where they are judged.  We believe that followers of Jesus Christ are forgiven for their sins and immediately go to Heaven, where they spend eternity with God; they can never die again.  We believe the penalty Christians owe for their sins was paid for in full when Jesus Christ, who never sinned, suffered and died on the Cross.  We believe that after judgment, an unbeliever -- even one reputed to be a “good person” -- is sent to a real Hell where they will endure eternal punishment.


We believe that love is the debt we owe Jesus and each other for the free gift of eternal life Christ gave us by dying for us on the Cross.  We believe this love should be expressed in kindness, gentleness and unselfishness, and by providing for people’s physical needs.  Love also requires us to reach lost people with the good news about Jesus Christ.


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I am the way and the truth and the life.  John 14:6